Mouth Of Hell (Feat. Davide Aroldi of HATER)

by Abdominal Rupture

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Ezekiel "Slashmouth" Miller - Instrumentals/Vocals (Philippines)
Federico "Ded" Balestreri - Vocals (Italy)
Davide Aroldi - Feature (Italy)


My repeated birth is the pain I bear;
With these visions of your progressive regress.
filling me deep beneath;
Rolls the static corruption as pregnancy of my nature.

I've been regurgitated with the tears of the creator;
Yet a single certainty remains,
I am still undefined.
You have unveiled the fracture. YOU HAVE UNVEILED IT

"Blasphemy reigns and stretches the soul of the unworthies,
Suffering is the unbroken doctrine that cycles within my realm.
The sole birthplace of eternal unforgiveness,
I am the devourer of that holy faith you regretted to accept."

You are blinded by the sight of my magnificence,
I turn you deaf with just my whisper.
You shall crawl and putrefy at my presence,
I am the dislocated lap of the journey..

To mindless insanity as I punish your adept for I am focused on you,
Being the god above the earth that reigned over the masses.
Me slitting your throat will be the remembrance for your followers,
The blood running down your chest will be the oil that burns your lies.

I am the tyrant of unlife
With my mouth wide open I shall release,
The fucking scum of existence called humans.

I will eat you alive even as if you ever were,
disgusted at the thought of digesting you,
I vomit you from my clutches to
ingest you again,
Grinding the crucifix as flavoring for your soul's chasm

(Davide Aroldi of HATER)
"For which you thought Death would've been your only escape,
You have been mistaken.
For I am Death,
Watch my tounge lift up and reveal chaos destined for all..

I am the Mouth Of Hell!"


released May 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Abdominal Rupture Philippines

Two-Piece Internet Deathcore Project

[Philippines x Italy]

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